All-Season Tyres

All season tyres are designed to perform in countries that have moderate weather conditions (low chance of snow) all year round. Where winters are less severe, like the UK, with cold and wet weather characteristics, all-weather tyres come into their own. Suitable through the four seasons of the UK, all-season tyres are manufactured to cope with the less extreme climates.

What are all-season tyres

All season tyres are a combination of a summer and winter tyre which results in the tyre having the benefit of both tyre types. They have a mixture of the strengths from both summer and winter tyres to give you peace of mind whatever the weather. It’s an all-year-round suitable tyre.

Benefits of all-season tyres

UHP tyres aren’t suitable for all vehicles or drivers, but if you require speed, precision and responsiveness, high-performance tyres could the right tyre choice for you.

Things to consider when buying UHP tyres:

  • Safe all year round – you don’t have to worry about changing your tyres to improve performance in the winter months when the temperature drops below 7C.

  • Saves time and money – you don’t need to purchase two sets of tyres and have them changed over every year.

  • Best of both worlds – it has better performance than a summer tyre in winter and has better winter performance than a summer tyre.

All-season tyres are perfect for the UK market as severe snow and ice are unlikely. Although winter tyres are not mandatory in the UK like it is in Germany, it’s a good alternative to perform in all weather eventualities.

Teltyres Telford LTD stocks a comprehensive range of premium and mid-range all-season tyres. Buying all-season tyres couldn’t be easier using our online tyre ordering website. Simply search by your registration or tyre size and select ‘all-season tyres’ in the filter and book your tyres online today.

Unsure on the right all-season tyre for your vehicle? Please call us on 01952 249228, and we will be happy to help.

High-Performance Tyres

High-performance car tyres, also known as UHP (ultra-high performance) tyres are designed to improve grip and provide greater handling for premium and sports cars.

Typically used at high speeds, high-performance tyres are wider to help stick to the road when cornering providing greater stability for sports and racing cars. The tyre compound is created specifically to give superior performance and better braking distances when compared to a standard car tyre.

Ultra-high performance tyres have a softer compound, unique tread pattern and lower profiles and in turn, this gives greater handling, precise steering and less noise on the road.

Are high-performance tyres right for me?

UHP tyres aren’t suitable for all vehicles or drivers, but if you require speed, precision and responsiveness, high-performance tyres could the right tyre choice for you.

Things to consider when buying UHP tyres:

  • Tyre tread wear – due to the softer compound of the tyre, the tyre tread may wear quicker.

  • Fuel consumption – Your car might be less efficient when it comes to fuel consumption when driving on high-performance tyres.

  • Cost – In most cases, ultra-high performance tyres cost more than standard car tyres.


Teltyres Telford LTD knows how important it can be to get the right high-performance tyre for your vehicle, so if you need some help one of our tyre experts is on hand to help, please call us on 01952 249228.

If you know what you’re looking for, we stock all the leading high-performance tyres from the major tyre manufacturers, so buy your UHP tyres online today, for us, your local, independent tyre centre in Telford.

Run Flat Tyres

Run-flat tyres are designed to help in the event of a puncture and prevent you from having to change the tyre at the side of the road. Some cars are fitted with Run-flat tyres which are specifically manufactured to keep you on the road for a short while in the event of a punctured tyre and reduce the chance of you having a dangerous tyre blow out.

Built with reinforced sidewalls, run-flat tyres have robust rubber inserts to manage the weight of the vehicle if you get a punctured tyre. Standard car tyres are supported by air and collapse if you endure a puncture.

Although these tyres are called ‘run-flat’ tyres, you are limited to 30mph if you have sustained a puncture and you’re limited to a few miles. You must get to your nearest, local tyre garage to get the tyre replaced. 

Teltyres Telford LTD has a range of run-flat tyres to suit your needs.

Run Flat Tyre Manufacturers?

Some of the major manufacturers fit run-flat tyres to their vehicles as "Original Equipment" (OE). The most common vehicle manufacturer that fit run-flat tyres to their cars is BMW, Mini Mercedes and Audi.

All the leading tyre manufacturers have run-flat tyres in their tyre portfolio, and we can supply a range of run-flat tyres to suit your needs. However, each tyre manufacturer refers to run-flat tyres differently:


Brand/Manufacturer run-flat tyre descriptions


Run Flat tyre abbreviation

Bridgestone: Run Flat TyreRFT

Continental: Self-Supporting Run FlatSSR

Dunlop: Dunlop Self Supporting TyreDSST

Goodyear: Run on FlatROF

Michelin: Zero PressureZP

Pirelli: Run FlatRun Flat

Can I change Run Flat tyres for a standard car or SUV tyres?

If you wish to change from run-flat tyres to a standard car or SUV tyres, you must change all 4 tyres on your car. If your car is fitted with run-flat tyres as original equipment, it is likely you will not have a spare tyre or tyre changing equipment, bare that in mind when changing your tyres and ensure you have a new spare tyre and tyre changing equipment.

However, you should always consult the vehicle manufacturer when considering removing your run-flat tyres. Always consider that a car was designed and supplied with run-flat tyres.

Here at Teltyres Telford LTD, we have many experienced tyre fitters to be able to change your run-flat tyres. 

Most of our run-flat tyres are available to be fitted the same or next day. Use our easy online tyre website to find tyres suitable for your vehicle. You can search by tyre size or vehicle registration and choose a day that suits you to have your tyres fitted.

Need some advice on run-flat tyres? Why not give us a call on 01952 249228.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are specifically designed for optimum performance when the temperatures drop below 7 °C. They are typically used across European countries with some countries making it mandatory for winter tyres to be fitted during their winter months.

Although winter tyres are not mandatory for the UK market, winter tyres do have a place in our portfolio of tyres for the cold winter months. They improve the safety of cars on the road during the winter months, and there is a lack of knowledge and awareness of the benefits of winter tyres in the UK.

In contrast to summer tyres, winter tyres work better in cold temperatures as they are made by a specific form of rubber which triggers in colder weather – better handling and braking.

Summer tyres vs winter tyres – stopping distance​

  • If you’re driving at 60mph with summer tyres on your car, it will take you approximately 70.5 metres to stop on a wet, cold road.

  • If you’re driving at 60mph with winter tyres on your car, you will come to a standstill stop at 65.7 meters.

That’s roughly the length of a large family vehicle – the difference between a collision.

Winter tyres are marked with a ‘snowflake or mountain’ symbol to identify it as a winter tyre.

Benefits of winter tyres

  • Improve tyre performance in the winter – wide tread pattern blocks and extra sipes help to grip to make it safer (some winter tyres are even studded for extra safety).

  • Better grip in colder climates – the rubber grips to the road in cold climates.

  • Superior control in cold, icy and wet conditions.

  • Increased safety on the roads in adverse weather conditions – winter tyre treads are made for traction on icy roads and better stopping distances on wet and icy surfaces.

If your car doesn’t already have winter tyres on it, we strongly recommend you fit 4 tyres so that your handling isn’t compromised.

If you’re not sure if you will benefit from fitting winter tyres to your car, please give us a call on 01952 249228, and we will happily help.




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